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“When I was young I aspired to be part F1, today I apologise more often than not when people mention it, it's my fault for being a follower”

David Coulthard, C4 Race Commentator and previous F1 race winner with Williams and McLaren
@therealdcf1 Fri Mar 25 21:14:39

Bernd Maylander on provisional pole. #ItalianGP

@Grand Prix Diary
Sat Sep 02 12:31:51

Of course I forgot about the revised quali format.... It's a close call between the two... The quali issue certainl…

Sat Sep 29 13:14:34
Is today's Q2 the biggest farce in F1 since the race at Indianapolis 2005?

@FixF1, Sat Sep 29 12:46:44

Is today's Q2 the biggest farce in F1 since the race at Indianapolis 2005?

Sat Sep 29 12:46:44

"people take f1 more seriously than it needs to be" - ricciardo

Sun Sep 17 11:19:27

Martin Brundle raising genuine concerns about the penalty system to Jean Todt who replies: "I'm not a wizard." Great.

@James Peace
Sun Sep 03 11:41:49

So you can't have cigarette advertising, but everyone agrees booze and motorsport are a perfect fit. #ItalianGP #MonzaGP #F1

@Pitlane Mike F1
Sun Sep 03 12:01:42

After a mega job in qualifying, a PU change sees Vandoorne take a 25 place grid penalty. Beyond a joke now. The penalty system and Honda.

@Will Buxton
Sun Sep 03 08:51:34

Is Halo really as popular among the drivers as the FIA claims? #F1

Sun Jul 23 14:01:58

Teams ‘unanimously agree’ to use #halo as #F1 head protection from 2018

@James Allen
Thu Jul 20 11:32:01

Nine drivers, 150 places of grid penalties: #F1 #ItalianGP

Sun Sep 03 10:47:07

Only Lewis Hamilton will start the #ItalianGP in the position he actually qualified in on Saturday...…

@Sky Sports F1
Sun Sep 03 09:12:48

Almost half the grid have grid place penalties. 1 of 20 starting where they qualified. This is plain ludacris #f1 #ItalianGP

Sun Sep 03 09:47:04

@GrandPrixDiary @SkySportsF1 I hate hearing Ted apologize whenever an interviewee uses some colourful language. Gro…

Sun Sep 03 02:08:02

Why do we have to wait 15 minutes per piece of information? Are they sending their decisions via pigeon? #F1

@Matt Gallagher
Sat Sep 02 12:48:17

@f1fanatic_co_uk @Anto_Fuoco DRS is nothing to do with racing, and never has been, It's just MarioKart.

Tue Aug 29 14:12:29

Cosworth, Aston Martin appear in F1 engine meeting: #F1
Wed Jul 05 10:11:05

@HondaRacingF1 Now that's an engine. @McLarenF1 #F1

@Damon Hill
Sat Jul 01 11:19:43

@f1fanatic_co_uk @Anto_Fuoco I hate DRS overtaking too, the worst thing that come in F1 EVER!!! I'd rather watch ra…

@Alen Šmit
Tue Aug 29 13:40:46

The FIA had 30 minutes to clear the start and finish straight! That's the only issue!

@Oliver Rowland
Sat Sep 02 13:03:03

Look! A glorified road car with a retired race driver can fly around the track, but not the world's best in #f1 cars. #monzagp

@Pitlane Mike F1
Sat Sep 02 12:14:54

I've been watching #ItalianGP since 8:45am and I've seen a grand total of 15ish minutes of on track action *safety car not included

Sat Sep 02 13:00:32

Perfect example of how DRS ruins racing: Mega pass at Blanchimont by @Anto_Fuoco who is then left defenceless at Ke…

Tue Aug 29 12:48:01

FIA: Aero fairings will make halo look better, work on shield will continue & halo could eventually be replaced #F1

Thu Jul 27 14:26:27