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“When I was young I aspired to be part F1, today I apologise more often than not when people mention it, it's my fault for being a follower”

David Coulthard, C4 Race Commentator and previous F1 race winner with Williams and McLaren
@therealdcf1 Fri Mar 25 21:14:39

Is Halo really as popular among the drivers as the FIA claims? #F1

@F1 Fanatic
Sun Jul 23 14:01:58

FIA: Aero fairings will make halo look better, work on shield will continue & halo could eventually be replaced #F1

Thu Jul 27 14:26:27


@Grand Prix Diary
Thu Jul 27 14:07:48
"F1 cars aren't meant to be ugly. There is a reason a Ferrari is more exciting than a Mazda." #SkyF1 #F1

@Sky Sports F1 🏎, Thu Jul 27 14:05:27

I see the FIA has increased minimum cockpit evac time to compensate for Halo. Guessing it has also asked fire to burn a bit slower too 👍

@Will Buxton
Wed Jul 26 17:48:44

FIA will raise the time limit for the mandatory cockpit evacuation test. It's 5 seconds now. With Halo it will be around 8-10 seconds. #AMuS

@Tobi Grüner 🏁
Wed Jul 26 14:30:26

Some drivers are ok with the halo, a lot really not happy with it. Surely it should be optional? Those that don't use it sign a disclaimer.

@Grand Prix Diary
Thu Jul 27 13:48:27

@Formula1circus Every time @Pirelli make a statement about a tyre failure it always raises more questions than it answers

Sun Jul 23 15:43:18

Teams ‘unanimously agree’ to use #halo as #F1 head protection from 2018

@James Allen
Thu Jul 20 11:32:01

Reading the news today like... 🙃😂

@McLaren Soul
Sat Jul 15 10:59:22

I happen to think naming the Formula One safety bar a "halo", in a sport where many have died, is simply distasteful. #F1 #halo

@Pitlane Mike F1
Sat Jul 22 09:21:27

If you subscribe to the logic that the halo is inevitable as safety is paramount, then this must be inevitable too.…

@Pitlane Mike F1
Sat Jul 22 09:29:59

#Lauda: #Halo will destroy #F1 pursuit of new fans

@Formula1 Circus
Fri Jul 21 21:45:52

@lagameuse98000 @4realthing @pirellisport Should they bring back the tyre war! It would be good to see them fight too!

Fri Jul 21 15:58:15

@pirellisport short story: Pirelli is garbage.. Bring back Bridgestone and Michelin

Fri Jul 21 16:24:20

@pirellisport @Pirelli always excuses with you guys. Wish they could bring back Bridgestone

@sibu tshabalala
Fri Jul 21 16:27:05

Cosworth, Aston Martin appear in F1 engine meeting: #F1
Wed Jul 05 10:11:05

@HondaRacingF1 Now that's an engine. @McLarenF1 #F1

@Damon Hill
Sat Jul 01 11:19:43

@F1 This looks safe to you? It could potentially be even more dangerous than the open cockpit since you can't see v…

Wed Jul 19 19:08:15

Oh no.. the end for #F1. #Halo

Thu Jul 20 06:28:33
@F1 This looks safe to you? It could potentially be even more dangerous than the open cockpit since you can't see v…

@virginia, Wed Jul 19 19:08:15

@GrandPrixDiary @Twitter I love the fact that my 'in case you missed it' feed often features tweets I've already liked or retweeted..!

Fri Jul 21 04:08:32

I know the Halo is not an aero design but maybe it should make this list of ugliness I did a while back!

@Grand Prix Diary
Thu Jul 20 20:33:30

@fia So, it never stops. The safest thing is not to go racing at all.

@Grand Prix Diary
Thu Jul 20 16:34:29

If the @fia were serious about the halo surely it should apply to F2 and in fact ALL open cockpit categories? Same accident possibilities.

@Grand Prix Diary
Thu Jul 20 16:29:38