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“When I was young I aspired to be part F1, today I apologise more often than not when people mention it, it's my fault for being a follower”

David Coulthard, C4 Race Commentator and previous F1 race winner with Williams and McLaren
@therealdcf1 Fri Mar 25 21:14:39

0⃣4⃣ days until LIGHTS OUT in Melbourne! 😃 #F1

@Lights Out ●●●●●
Wed Mar 13 08:00:00

Can anyone make out what all the background argy bargy is about during Vettel's interview??

Sat Mar 16 07:09:32

Norris must be turning a few heads at the top teams. Can't really see anywhere for him to go in the next few years though...

Sat Mar 16 06:58:40

How difficult is it to *stop* the clock when the driver crosses the line...? 🙄

Sat Mar 16 06:31:23

Has David Croft's voice managed to get even *more* squeaky this year? I'm almost hoping for a dull session to save my ears.

Sat Mar 16 06:06:44

FIA and FOM to present 2021 F1 rules before next race - RaceFans #Formula1

@Formula 1 Talk
Fri Mar 15 05:59:50

F1 teams set for 2021 rules summit this month #F1
Fri Mar 15 06:00:07

Bernd Maylander on provisional pole. #ItalianGP

@Grand Prix Diary
Sat Sep 02 12:31:51

Is Halo really as popular among the drivers as the FIA claims? #F1

Sun Jul 23 14:01:58

@_aarava Is this coming from Sky Sports or is it from the feed they're being provided with by Liberty?

Fri Mar 15 06:02:48

Live #F1 News - Formula 1 reports 'real' interest from new teams for 2021

@Live F1 News
Fri Mar 15 05:47:21

Toto Wolff on Brexit: "For some time I thought it was a tragedy. Now it is also really good comedy. Every evening I…

@Andrew Benson
Fri Mar 15 03:35:02

It's an absolute disgrace! For the 1st time in my life there will be no regular free-to-air F1 races. Shame on you…

@Kate Mackay F1
Thu Mar 14 06:42:53
'F1 takes a step into the unknown with the new TV deal - but will it suffer?' Read @andrewbensonf1:…

@BBC Sport, Wed Mar 13 19:40:00

Does anybody know what the purpose of those apparently random and extremely annoying "bwaaang" sounds during the li…

Fri Mar 15 05:43:14

Jake Boxall-Legge joins Glenn Freeman to discuss what Williams had to change on their cars ahead of the Formula 1 o…
Wed Mar 13 11:36:11

Teams ‘unanimously agree’ to use #halo as #F1 head protection from 2018

@James Allen
Thu Jul 20 11:32:01

Cosworth, Aston Martin appear in F1 engine meeting: #F1
Wed Jul 05 10:11:05

The brilliant thing about the Netflix #f1 series is that it lets everyone see the real people and the backstage dra…

@Joe Saward
Tue Mar 12 21:34:54

This is odd... the Williams pavillon is separated from the rest of the field - even behind Pirelli & Heineken at th…

@Tobi Grüner 🏁
Wed Mar 13 01:39:10

What we learned from the #Netflix series #DrivetoSurvive 3) Brendon Hartley does not exist and he never existed.…

@Pitlane Mike F1
Wed Mar 13 10:56:29

Of course I forgot about the revised quali format.... It's a close call between the two... The quali issue certainl…

Sat Sep 29 13:14:34
Is today's Q2 the biggest farce in F1 since the race at Indianapolis 2005?

@FixF1, Sat Sep 29 12:46:44

Is today's Q2 the biggest farce in F1 since the race at Indianapolis 2005?

Sat Sep 29 12:46:44

"people take f1 more seriously than it needs to be" - ricciardo

Sun Sep 17 11:19:27

@HondaRacingF1 Now that's an engine. @McLarenF1 #F1

@Damon Hill
Sat Jul 01 11:19:43